Out now: Kazakhstan

Release date: 7 April 2023

Distributed by: Timzone Distribution.

The long wait is over: Finally our new album is available! Recorded and mixed as always in the Art of Music studio under the expert fingers and ears of Jens Lück (aka Single Celled Organism), Kazakhstan's nine tracks once again show Ricochet's full range: catchy melodies, complex instrumental parts and atmospheres ranging from darkly melancholic to "slightly psychedelic".


Let yourself be surprised.


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Album Release Party

23 September 2023
Support: Confession by Silence

Date and location for our release party in Hamburg are set: On 23 September we will play at the LOGO. So at the place "where it all began" (in 1996 we made the place burst with the release of "Among the Elements").


We are really looking forward to the gig - and to you!

Time to say...

It's time to give a big thanks to all those great people who supported us within the last few weeks, months or even years! Just in case we forgot YOU of all people: Shame on us! Please let us know immediately.


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