Ricochet would like to thank the following persons

  • Kay Winter, Jens Lück, Holger Andrae, Christian Heise, Wolfgang Riehn
  • Holger Gechter, Daniel Oldemeier, Gerald Oppermann (& the other guys at Timezone), Clemens Väth (Just for Kicks), Silvio Gazquez, Stefan Turowski, Fatma Nur Basaran, Jürgen Will, Artur Chachlowski, Martin Dambeck, Alex Fähnrich, Michael Kohsiek, Stefan Glas, Greg Cummins, Birgit Fuß, Holger Stöckel, Sascha Beckmann, Jörg Reiche, Heavy Moni, Stephan Schelle, Michael Haifl, Fred Simoneau, Siggy Zielinkski, Wolfgang Sauerbrey, Mario Keim, Olav M. Bjornsen, Hans Ravensbergen, Marcus Wicker, Volker Becker, Andreas Weist, Erich "Kerbi" Robbers, Rüdiger aka "Mr Music" aka macyanni, Henri Strik, Keith Clement, Marco Magin, Alain Massard, Martien Koolen, Thomas Samel, Michele Merenda, Matthias Mineur, "Maria Ortner, Achim Sommer, Fritjof Eichhöfer
  • And anyone else who supported us in the past, is doing now or will in the future...
    • All you guys and girls rock!


      Michael would like to thank...

      • ...everyone who has supported me music-wise in the past, is doing now and will in the future.

          Heiko would like to thank the following persons

          • Mareike (love of my life), Merlin (so many great talents), Mio (a so much better guitarist than me - thanx for the equipment) ,Martin, Mum - a lot of "M&M's"...
          • Boris (Atmosfear)
          • Claudia & Wolfgang (R.I.P.), Michael & Kai, Heiko & Antje, Alexander & Henning, Janina ("Bliemi"), Svenja & Katrin
          • all those great musicians that inspired me

          I would like to say "hello" to...

          • Kai & Doreen, Vera & Adrian, Frank & Conny, Dörthe & Ralf, Moni & Marlo, Josh, Arne, Malte & Anja
          • Kirsten, Rado, Karsten, Max, Andreas, Yanni, Tobias, Irene, Katrin, Ellen, Laurence, Rainer and all my other mates at HMC
          • Chris, Fritze, Verena & Jan, Axel, Marco and all the other adorably crazy people at the "Gegengerade"

          Björn would like to thank the following persons

          • Sandra - Just as long as there's two of us, I'll carry on…love you.
          • Lasse – I know it‘s not Led Zeppelin, but we’re doing the best we can…
          • Jonas – at least your CD-Player has a volume-knob to turn that cr… down, right ? ;-)
            …love you, guys !

          I would like to say "hello"...

          • … to the incredible Fimi
          • … to my friends at HGWB: Andreas, Jörn, Dagnetha, Wulvegang, Anne, Evelyn and Benjamin
          • ... to my friends Angela and Michael, Markus, The Kowski-Family, Ute and Daniel, Nicki, Karl and Sophie, Agim, and to everyone at GHS Abi 1991
            • Special thanks to Christian for all the magic years.


              For Elke and Jürgen.